Crush the Craziness to Find Peace, Joy, and Hope.

Unlock the Door to Calm the Storm in your Mind and Fuel the Passionate Life You Desire.

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awaken your spirit

Is it difficult to just pause and breathe? Do you find yourself on autopilot?  2020 was an eye opening year.  2021 is your chance to rise above it all.  If you’re still feeling trapped, consumed and overwhelmed just living your day-to-day, then it’s time to learn the simple tools and practices to break through and give you your sanity back.  Time to discover your power and awaken your SPIRIT within.

ignite Your WARRIOR

No one talks to yourself more than you.  Every minute of the day, you battle the negative talk track in your mind.  You’re harder on yourself than you need to be.  You want the positive side to win, but you desperately need help doing it.  Break through limiting beliefs to build the confidence and courage to say enough and start making changes to thrive.  It’s time to rewire your mental habits from “There’s No Way” to “There’s No Stopping Me” and ignite your WARRIOR.

Unlock Your PURPOSE

Once you’ve awakened your spirit and ignited your warrior, you’re ready to unlock your unique purpose.  Do you wonder why you are here on this crazy planet?  Do you feel lost or out of control? Discover incredible passion and energy by unlocking your divinely created, uniqueness — your strengths, gifts, talents and experiences. Find the purpose in your pain and the triumph in telling your story.  See the beautiful, worthy self you are designed to be when you look in the mirror and the unique life purpose worthy of your calling.


You’re on fire now!  Time to start moving mountains!  Put your newly found energy for life into action by translating your burning desire into a practical plan using vision casting and goal setting to ensure you’re walking the path you truly desire and the one God designed for you. Connect with others who share the same values and amplify your message and enjoy the significant, joyful life you always wanted.


Your journey to breakthrough starts here!


About Me

“There’s gotta be something more!” the song lyric had been ringing in my ears for some time.

It was a barrier to feeling truly joyful that had blocked me for too long.   And as I sat in my high-walled, bank-approved cubicle, preparing the numbers for what felt like the 6,789th homepage performance report, agonizing over the alignment of each image, label and footer number in my presentation, I couldn’t help but recognize my empty spirit and my longing for an extreme life makeover.  The corporate life just wasn’t cutting it for me.  And I was on autopilot.  Discontented? Yes. Burned out? For sure.

But how do I get the flame started?  I was clueless.  I couldn’t bear to imagine myself in the same, soul-wrenching job in another year, much less 5 or 10 years.  I had to take control somehow.  Books.  I decided to try lots of self-help books.  “Start with Why?,” “Purpose-Driven Life,” “START.” They had value, but none of them gave me the answer I was searching for.  “Live with purpose,” “Live on purpose,” “Share the gospel.”   Ok, but I DEFINITELY wasn’t feeling called to move to Africa as a full time missionary, if you know what I mean.  What did God want specifically for me? Why would each of us have such unique gifts and talents?  Why would my interests and strengths be different than someone else’s?

I tried new jobs.  I thought purpose must be found in a new job with different people, a more intimate culture, a place where my skills and wisdom could be appreciated, but wouldn’t drain my energy like corporate life.  It satisfied me for a while, but two years later, during what was supposed to be a career planning meeting, my boss laid me off.  What?!  This was my answer!  Come on.  Back to square one.

Friends.  Surely friends and other Godly women would know the answer to this question.  How do I find my unique purpose and live passionately every day? I was again facing the future without a plan of getting to where God wanted me to go.  I spent the next year searching for more answers, but not really tapping into the source.  God. 

In a moment of desperation, I asked him, “What am I?”  He answered, “An Encourager!” Awesome!  But, honestly, I was paralyzed. Chief Encouragement Officer sounds nice, but let’s get real, no one is looking to fill that position.  People would think I’m crazy.  And what value could I possibly bring?  I didn’t see it then.  What I dismissed as craziness, kept me on a crooked path.  I desperately needed clarity, confidence, and a plan, but where? How could I find it?

After what seemed like a lifetime of foundering, self-doubt and fear that I’m incapable, I wanted to SOAR. I refused to live the rest of my life with the constant questioning, the ache of something more, and the absence of belief to make it happen. God had whispered, but I wanted to hear him roar.  It was time for discovery.  Digging into my faith, who God is, and who he calls me to be, awakened my spirit with a burning desire to encourage others.  I’m so grateful for the revelations I’ve been given about the power of our own trinity – body, soul, and spirit — to break through barriers that keep us from experiencing divine significance.

Using both Biblically sound principles and scientifically-backed techniques, I broke through the discontent and disbelief to discover my true calling. After living with crippling doubts about my talents and abilities and lacking a fire for life, words cannot describe the relief and joy I feel each day that I live in Godly peace AND purpose, even in the midst of what can feel like chaos! I have been given a huge gift from God and it is my mission — in and through whatever and whoever God brings me — to share these insights and tools with you so you can feel the same passion for life.

Today, I am so blessed and excited to have found my purpose, which is to work with you to break through your own barriers to awaken your spirit, soul and body, ignite your warrior inside, and unleash your divine power to achieve the purpose to which you’re called.

Will you accept the invitation to break through to significance?


YOu’re ready TO BREAK THROUGH if you…



  • Don’t even remember how to pause and breathe.
  • Can’t find joy in the little things you do
  • Feel a smoldering fire of discontent within your spirit
  • Don’t remember how to dream or have given up dreaming
  • Are overwhelmed by the stresses of your day
  • Are tired of doing work that feels meaningless
  • Know something is missing, but aren’t clear of the next steps to take
  • Want to understand your strengths and how best to use them
  • Want to ignite the confidence to start doing, not just dreaming
  • Want to feel significant and assured your life has meaning
  • Realize time is slipping by and the rest of your life can’t be wasted

you’re not ready TO BREAK THROUGH if YOU…



  • Enjoy living on auto-pilot without any direction of your own
  • Wake up every morning with complete vigor for life
  • Have all the peace and passion you can handle
  • Already live confidently in your own skin
  • Want to be the same person you are today in 5 and 10 years from now
  • Know exactly how to find peace and discover and fully live out your life’s purpose
  • Prefer to ignore your dreams and keep making excuses not to find personal joy
  • Don’t want to live life feeling truly alive with abundant passion

Crush the Craziness to Find Peace, Joy, and Hope.

Unlock the Door to Calm the Storm in your Mind and Fuel the Passionate Life You Desire.

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