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Get the practical, science-backed wisdom to transform the crazy into the calm.

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In a time when the world is full of chaos, war, and pain, how do you find peace that lasts?  It is possible and it all starts with one person and one action.  When you choose to pursue peace, it overflows to the rest of your circle and to the ends of the earth.


Your life is busy.  Let’s face it, being a mom is a full time job.  Add on your 9 to 5 and your calendar is jammed.  You want relief from the busyness of life, but need help navigating the waters. Learn secrets used by top leaders to melt away your stress and boost your health.


No one talks to yourself more than you.  Every minute of the day, you battle the negative talk track in your mind.  You want the positive side to win, but you desperately need help doing it.  You deserve to find the confidence hiding within you that will generate the lasting peace you’ve always wanted.

LIVE ON Purpose

There’s so much more to life than where you are now.  You know that you are more than the roles you serve – mom, wife,  sister, friend, leader.  You’re tired of trying to put the pieces together yourself, and ready for help reconnecting with your passions and living your life on purpose.


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About Me

It was 2020, and I was struggling to be the woman, the mom, the wife, the friend, I wanted to be – full of joy, patience, and peace. So when you mix a family history of depression with a global pandemic, lock downs, the stress of parenting, trying to teach my children all the while working –frankly, just mix it with life– you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

I realized I needed help. And counseling wasn’t going to do it for me, although helpful in the past. I needed something that was going to help me create a new future, one that gave me breakthrough from family depression, the daily stress of work, and the stretched relationships with my girls and my husband.

Thankfully, I found a science backed, practical method to combat my stress, improve my focus and my resilience. I transformed from anxious to calm, from reactive to responsive, from crazy mama to, well, at least a little less crazy.

Fast forward to August 2021 and a family trip to Michigan. I was hospitalized for mental confusion. It took over a month to diagnose me with Long Covid. With a host of physical, emotional, and neurological issues at play, I was already ahead of the game having found this method. It not only saved my sanity, but it also reduced the physical pain in my body.  What a skill to teach my girls!

I have found a new peace within myself, new meaning, and a passion for teaching others the keys to having peace within your mind, body and spirit.

I’m blessed and thrilled to have the opportunity to share this wisdom with you. I love seeing the transformations my clients take on this journey we call life to being more peaceful amidst the chaos of this crazy world.  

Today is a divine appointment for change.  Will you accept the invitation to break through the chaos?  Schedule your free peace-making coaching session today!

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‘Peace of mind’ can be yours.

Jen helped me sift through a noisy mind filled with distractions and endless ambitions.  With her help, I’ve uncovered a path that feels less like a career and more like a reason to live.

Jamie, NY

10x More Peace in 5 Hours

Get the practical, science-backed wisdom to transform the crazy into the calm.

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For more about my Peaceful Minds MasterClass, check out How to Find Peace.

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